Most Interesting Research Ideas and Topics

Research writing is an essential aspect of the education system. The writing process enables the learner to develop both persuasive and argumentative skills. The learner additionally gains knowledge and creates a critical view of issues in society.

The most crucial step in research writing is the development of the research topic. Unfortunately, the supervisor does not provide the research topic to the learners. The supervisors will rather like assessing the leaners’ capability of working on complex issues.

Therefore, the learner should consider working on the topic within their interest despite it having enough information. Selecting such types of the subject may seem a nightmare to most students.

The article will provide some simple procedures for selecting a good topic and compiling a research topic.

Follow the following steps and learn how to select a good topic:

  1. Map Your Interests

The first step of research writing is the selection of the subject. A student always has the liberty of choosing a reach topic from their respective areas of interest. As a student, you need to narrow down to a specific subject that is within your interest. Such fields may be in business, history, ethics, criminology, psychology, health, etc.

  1. Explore the Materials for Research

After exploring the possible topics for your research, the next goal is coming up with the perfect one for your study. You will need to shortlist some of the best subjects in line with your interest. It would be best to determine how your related materials will contribute to developing the issue under study.

  1. Always Recall the Supervisor’s Guidelines

Most instructors require students to write about the subject they give to them. For such cases, ensure that you are adhering to the instructions.

Topics for Different Level Research Papers

Below are some research topics for a different level of education:

Topics for College Research Papers

  • 2 years college degree versus four years’ degree
  • Distance learning and its advantages
  • Ways of planning college tuition by a student
  • The effects of substance abuse on the students’ performance
  • How can an average man become a successful politician?
  • College dropouts are more likely to become wealthy. Do you agree or disagree

Research Topics for the High School Education Level

  • The government should ban school uniforms.
  • Is math formula applicable in real life?
  • Should the government regulate school cafeteria meal service?
  • The psychological impact of the Holocaust on the survivors
  • Do same-sex classes help students perform better in academics?
  • Schools should include prayers in their system.

Research Topics for the Middle School Level

  • Ways to protect our environment
  • The effects of instant messaging on the individual’s literacy
  • Reasons for the competitive nature of human being
  • Advantages and disadvantages of choosing vegetarianism
  • The role of music in comforting someone
  • How to effectively recycle wastes

Topics for the History Research Topic

  • The Romans empire prominent features
  • How did World War II cause havoc?
  • Discuss in detail the French revolution
  • Compare and contrast the stone age and the Neolithic period.

Art Paper Research Topics

  • How realistic is the media portrayal of minorities?
  • How is the media highlighting racism?
  • Discuss the origin of salsa dance and other types of dances
  • How are the ancient’s times drawing significant?
  • How did rap music incorporate into American society?


After reading through the topics and the guidelines, you can start your research paper writing journey. In case you still find it challenging getting the concept, talk to your supervisor. You will get detailed information on how to produce a good research paper.

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